LibreOffice 5.0 will be released in few days

The Document Foundation announced availability of fifth and final release candidate of LibreOffice 5.0, upcoming stable release of most widely used open source office suite. It is expected that there won't be any major changes till final release.

From a news article published in softpedia
We've already covered some of the major features that are going to be available with the new LibreOffice 5.0, and it's quite a lot. The developers are saying that the 5.x branch will probably be the biggest and most complex update released until now, so if you want to test it ahead of time, you can try and install this latest Release Candidate. It's virtually identical to the stable version, and only the number will differ in two days' time.

What very few people realize is that, despite the fact that the developers of LibreOffice identify as The Document Foundation, the work is done entirely by developers who work on this in their own time, and they don't make a dime of it. This is important to know because it happens too often for The Document Foundation to get blamed for a missing feature, when in fact it's not really their choice.

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