LibreOffice 5.0 - Most powerful Release So far : Review

The Document Foundation, recently announced release of LibreOffice 5.0, latest stable and feature ready release of world's most popular open source office suite.

A review of LibreOffice 5.0 written by Jack Wallen, published in observes that, LibreOffice 5.0 is strongest office suite till date.  He also remarks that, despite of `not good looking` UI, LibreOffice 5.0 can perform well for enterprises as well as for individuals .

I've been a long-time user of the flagship open-source office suite... using it way back during its previous incarnation called Star Office. I've watched the software evolve, fall apart, fork, and finally come into its own. Recently, the fifth release of LibreOffice was made available to the public. I immediately downloaded and installed the release on my Linux distribution du jour, Elementary OS.

I've read other reviews, ones that called the interface "clunky" with "confusing menu options" and even cut points for not having a mobile platform. In other words, those reviews disliked LibreOffice because it wasn't Microsoft Office. I get that. Honestly, I do. And I'm not here to shoot down those reviews. Why? Because for communities and developers to ignore the things reviewers are collectively saying is what has doomed so many projects. Even so, there was a core of truth to some of their criticisms (more on that later).

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