Korora 22 : Fedora that Works Right Out of The Box - Review

A review of recently released Korora 22, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Fedora 22, argues that Korora 22 is right choice for people looking for a Fedora based GNU/Linux distribution that can be `usable` just after installation by doing a little tweak or no tweaks.

Korora is an old GNU/Linux distribution (originated in 2005) that used to be based on ‘Gentoo’. But in 2007 the development of Korora was abandoned, yet in 2010, it was reborn, but this time it was based on ‘Fedora’, rather than ‘Gentoo’.

But to be honest with you, I’ve never used ‘Korora’ before. Yet, after installing ‘Korora 22′ (based on Fedora 22) and using it for the past three days, it’s goals became pretty clear to me. It is this good looking ‘Fedora remix’ that strives to be the ‘Fedora’ that hosts a mild attitude & a sense of practicality, although good folks at ‘Fedora’ don’t have that luxury. In a world that’s dominated by ignorance & selfishness, their struggle is a difficult one. I admire their courage.

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