Installing Android Applications in GNU/Linux with ARCon

Have you ever wondered that, whether you can install and run android applications in your GNU/Linux system? Ofcourse, you would had such an Idea at least once in open source life. 

An article written by Jack Wallen, published in lists the steps to be followed for installing Android apps in GNU/Linux using ARCon, a specialized tool that work with google chrome.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the Google Play Store. During that time I have discovered plenty of really useful apps that would be great on the Linux desktop. Fortunately, thanks to some crafty developers, it is quite possible (and actually easy) to run Android apps on the Linux desktop.

Of course, this statement does come with some caveats. First and foremost, this is all handled with the help of the Chrome browser. To make matters easier, you’ll need to be running the Chrome Developer channel. The second caveat is that not all apps will actually work. That some apps do not function should not surprise you (you won’t be getting an app that requires the functionality of a phone service to run on your desktop). As for other apps, the results can be hit and miss. The third caveat is that, to make this process easier, you’ll also need an Android device to package the .apk file that will be used on the desktop.

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