How Open Source Helped A woman to Enter into Tech Industry

Newbies in open source world usually asks, why to learn open source technologies and use open source tools. Here is a motivational story of a woman who stepped into tech industry through open source technologies. This story is published in opensource news letter.

Open source communities have been paving the way for innovation for years, and recently they've been paving the way for diversity in the IT fields, too. For some women, the way into technology was clear and well-lit. Others faced harsh criticism from their families, friends, and society. Thankfully, open source communities are creating a level playing field, enabling women from all over the world to learn, contribute, and make their mark in technology.

I had the pleasure of talking with Victoria Martinez de la Cruz, a fellow Red Hatter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Victoria is a super intelligent, energetic woman who fought her way into technology despite resistance from her society. Today she works as an OpenStack developer, runs workshops at Python conferences (in Spanish too!), and will be co-organizing a Django Girls workshop at the upcoming PyCon Argentina.

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