GNOME 3.18 Refines System Menu

The GNOME develop team released first beta build of GNOME 3.18, upcoming stable release of widely used open source desktop environment. GNOME 3.18 first build comes with a refined system menu.

From a news article published in softpedia:
According to the internal changelog, which we've attached at the end of the article for reference, GNOME Shell 3.18 Beta 1 (technical version number is 3.17.90) refines the message list style, fixes a type-ahead behavior of the compose and backspace keys, and refines the system status menu.

Additionally, the changes of the caret and focus viewports are now automatically avoided during pointer movement, and the system modal dialogs have been updated to match the modal dialogs of the GTK+ toolkit. The code has been cleaned up, and various other small bugs were fixed.

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