FreeBSD 10.2 RC3 Released

FreeBSD team announced availability of FreeBSD 10.2 RC3, the second release candidate for upcoming stable FreeBSD 10.2 release. FreeBSD is a modern BSD distribution that run on wide range of devices like servers, desktops and embedded systems.

It is expected that FreeBSD 10.2 RC3 will be final release candidate prior to release of FreeBSD 10.2 stable.

According to official release announcement, following are major changes made in FreeBSD after previous release candidate.
  • An issue with mlock(2) and truncation of file backing the wired regions was fixed.
  • An error that would cause bsdinstall(8) to improperly validate the checksums of remote distribution sets has been corrected.
  • The pms(4) driver has been updated to prevent attaching to invalid devices, which would lead to a system panic on boot.
  • An error resulting in the kern.racct.enable tunable not taking effect has been corrected.
  • A patch(1) shell vulnerability has been fixed. [FreeBSD-SA-15:18]
  • A routed(8) remote denial of service vulnerability has been fixed. [FreeBSD-SA-15:19]
  • A segmentation fault in pw(8) when changing the UID of a user has been fixed.

Download FreeBSD 10.2 RC3 

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