FreeBSD 10.2 RC2 Released

FreeBSD team announced availability of FreeBSD 10.2 RC2, the second release candidate for upcoming stable FreeBSD 10.2 release. FreeBSD is a modern BSD distribution that is capable of powering various devices like servers, desktops and embedded systems.

According to release announcement, following are major changes introduced in this release candidate.
  • The pkg(8) repository configuration file used to populate the /packages directory on the dvd1.iso for amd64 and i386 has been corrected to use the 'quarterly' branch for RC2. 
  • ntpd(8) has been updated to use a static build date for reproducibility, as well as no longer links against libmd. 
  • The nvme(4) driver has been updated to fix an issue where ZFS TRIM on pool initialization would appear to hang the system, with several additional updates. 
  • An issue where the UEFI loader would create an invalid device path has been fixed. 
  • A bug in the pre-8.x F_GETLK command for fcntl(2) emulation of advisory locks was fixed. 
  • A shell injection vulnerability in patch(1) has been fixed. [FreeBSD-SA-15:14] 
  • An issue with TCP reassembly leading to mbuf(9) exhaustion has been fixed. [FreeBSD-SA-15:15] 
  • OpenSSH has been updated to address multiple vulnerabilities. [FreeBSD-SA-15:16] 
  • A regression related to suspend and resume for several laptops has been fixed. 
  • Several issues have been fixed in pf(4). 
  • The VHD-formatted virtual machine disk images have changed to use the fixed-size format instead of the dynamic-size format.

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