Do You Really Need Windows?

In these days, most of the laptops and desktops comes with pre installed windows. And people who purchase those systems might not have thought, whether they actually need windows.

An article written by tzzsmk published, encourages newbies to make a thought, whether they actually need windows for day to day activities they are doing in their system. This article also describes benefits of switching to a GNU/Linux distribution.

Most PCs are being sold with Windows pre-installed and so many people probably never even thought about such a question as 'Do you really need Windows?'. Here on GD where most of us are using PCs for heavy gaming or other demanding multimedia tasks, it probably doesn't make much sense to move away from something which works fine.

But let's face the truth, many people use their PCs and laptops for only basic tasks like browsing the internet, checking emails, playing music, watching videos, writing documents, viewing and editing photos... Maybe you'd be surprised to hear there are better operating systems for such purposes, less resource demanding, more secure, completely free... Yes, you're right if you guessed I'll be talking a little bit more about Linux-based operating systems.

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