Cnchi V0.10 : Antergos Introduces Latest version of System Installer

The Antergos is well known for it's beginner friendly user interface combined with core features of Arch Linux. Today, the Antergos team announced release of Cnchi V0.10, the latest version of Antergos system installer. This release comes with a lot of bug fixes and feature improvements.

According to release announcement published in official Antergos blog:
Today we are pleased to announce the release of Cnchi v0.10 as the new stable version of our installer. As always, we put great effort into squashing bugs and improving code quality. One other area of focus during this development cycle was making Cnchi more reliable. To that end, Cnchi’s download module received what basically amounts to a total rewrite.
Previously, Cnchi did not detect errors until after all packages had been downloaded. That meant (depending on your connection speed) you could potentially wait an hour, two, or more just to find out that Cnchi can’t continue. Obviously, that sucks; which is why Cnchi now detects errors with downloads as they occur and will immediately let the user know if the installation cannot be completed.

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