10 Strange, Weird GNU/Linux Distribution

If you are an average open source enthusiast, you might have heard about popular main line GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Open SUSE ..etc. Also, you may have heard of some other derivatives of these distributions like Linux Mint, Korora, Zorin OS ..etc

But, do you think that, you have reached enough to diverse world of GNU/Linux distributions? Have you thought of a modern GNU/Linux distribution with 10 MB size, that too with GUI? or a GNU/Linux distribution that will format your whole data if you don't use commands properly?

Yeah. In diverse world of GNU/Linux distributions, there exist some strange distributions whose main specifications may appear strange and weird for you.

An article written by Manuel Jose, published in techdrivein blog lists 10 strange, weird GNU/Linux distributions.

From the most consumer focused distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint or elementary OS to the more obscure, minimal and enterprise focused ones such as Slackware, Arch Linux or RHEL, I thought I've seen them all. Couldn't have been any further from the truth. Linux eco-system is very diverse. There's one for everyone. Let's discuss the weird and wacky world of niche Linux distros that represents the true diversity of open platforms.

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