Vector Linux 7.1 LIGHT Released

Vector Linux team announced release of Vector Linux 7.1 LIGHT, the latest release of Slackware based GNU/Linux distribution offering stability, performance and simplicity. This release is light comparing to previous releases as it is using IceWM window manager instead of XFCE used in previous releases.

According to official release announcement:
The "lightness" of this version is relative to our Standard version, and is achieved by using the lightweight IceWM window manager in place of the XFCE desktop environment. You may also choose barebone X-windows with just TWM. Otherwise, the base system and installation experience is the same as Standard.

IceWM is old school. It uses a manual approach, much like a stick shift instead of an automatic transmission. It doesn't change unless you tell it to. Configuration is managed by editing plain text files. To make things easier and get you started, some of the most common tweaks are also scripted and controllable by a GUI app.Continue Reading

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