Solus Project Continues To Roll; Just Included Linux 4.1.1 LTS

Solus Project, an independent GNU/Linux distribution project, continues it's journey to develop a user friendly, compact but powerful GNU/Linux distribution. According to latest news regarding Solus Project, now it has got Linux Kernel 4.1.1 which is a long term supported version.

From a news article published in softpedia:
The Solus project is powering on, and they released a new daily built for their system, fixing many of the issues that affected the first version, including a nasty EFI bug.

The Solus operating system is getting closer to a stable release, and the daily builds are an important part of the development cycle. Not all operating systems can pull this off and we usually just get a few intermediary versions, like Beta or RC, and followed by the final version. Things are a little bit different with daily builds because we can always get the latest version of the OS, even if it's under construction.

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