Intel Compute Sticks Will be Made Available with Ubuntu

Intel compute Stick is a small device that helps to convert HDMI enabled TVs, monitors into a full functional computer system. Intel has announced that in near future, it will ship Compute Sticks with Pre installed Ubuntu operating system.
From a news article published in ubuntu insights:
The Intel® Compute Stick now comes in more flavours, with the announcement that an Ubuntu version (Intel product number STCK1A8LFC) will be available globally via major online and retail stockists. This new Ubuntu-based version of the Intel Compute Stick is expected to be priced at around $110 USD and will go on sale next week.

The Intel Compute Stick sets a new standard for stick computing devices. It enables the transformation of a display into a fully functioning computer. By plugging the Intel Compute Stick into any HDMI TV or monitor, and connecting it to a wireless router, keyboard and mouse, users can work, stream media and play games.

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