FreeBSD 10.2 RC1 Is Available Now

FreeBSD developers announced availability of first release candidate of upcoming FreeBSD 10.2 release. FreeBSD is a modern operating system that can power up high performance servers, desktops and even embedded systems.

According to official mail regarding availability of FreeBSD 10.2 RC1, following are major changes introduced in this release.
  • tcpdump(8) has been updated to obtain capsicum(4) rights for dump file rotation. 
  • The ixgbe(4) driver has been updated to fix setting sysctl(8) tunable entries in loader.conf(5). 
  • The ZFS txg_quiesce() function has been updated to use __noinline(), allowing DTrace monitoring for txg_quiesce() calls. 
  • bsdinstall(8) has been updated to align partitions on 1MB boundaries when ZFS is the selected filesystem, as well as a number of other changes, including detecting BIOS versions to determine when the 'active' flag should be set on the boot partition. 
  • The quota(1) utility has been updated to support IPv6. 
  • The xen(4) netfront interface has been updated to preserve configurations across virtual machine migrations. 
  • The ggatec(8) and ggatel(8) utilities have been fixed for the i386 architecture, as well as a bug in ggated(8) that would prevent the client from receiving a notice of a connection failure. 
  • ssh(1) has been updated to canonicalize hostnames before attempting to locate it in the hosts file. 
  • Changes to the kernel timecounter introduced earlier in stable/10 have been reverted.
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