FreeBSD 10.2 Beta 2 Released

FreeBSD developers announced release of FreeBSD 10.2 Beta 2, the second beta release of upcoming FreeBSD 10.2, an advance BSD operating system capable of powering servers, desktops and embedded sytems.

According to release announcement, following are some changes introduced after release of FreeBSD 10.2 Beta 1.
  •  The missing GEOM_LABEL in the GUMSTIX and PANDABOARD kernel configuration files that prevented the '/dev/ufs/rootfs' fstab(5) entry to mount the root filesystem has been fixed.
  • Correctly handle rare events of transient write errors to the cylinder group blocks. o An incorrect implementation of kvasprintf() in the Linux compatibility and emulation code has been fixed.
  • Setting the initial system clock time for systems with a CMOS clock set before the year 2000 has been fixed.
  • The pw(8) utility has been updated to allow creating users with UID 0, in addition to other miscellaneous updates.
  • The MIB names in the 'user' sysctl(3) tree have been fixed to no longer return '0' or empty values.
  • The lo(4) driver has been updated to fix an issue where pcap(3) and bpf(4) would fail when writing to the interface.
  • The watchdog(4) device has been fixed to print to the correct buffer. o [arm] The '/var/log' and '/var/tmp' directories are no longer mounted as md(4)-backed devices, which would cause messages from syslogd(8) and other applications from retaining log files after reboot(8).
  • A kernel bug that would cause various issues on systems without a battery-backed clock has been fixed.
  • The ntp suite has been updated to version 4.2.8p3. o The port and protocol information for IPSEC are now included in the SADB_ACQUIRE message as required by RFC 2367. 
  • Fix the issue with devices requiring memory below 4G (such as USB controllers), unable to initialize on very large memory machines (64G or more).
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