Elive 2.6.8 Beta Released

Elive Linux developers announced release of Elive 2.6.8 Beta, pre release of upcoming Debian based GNU/Linux distribution featuring speed, beautiful interface and flexibility.

According to release announcement, following are some features of this release.
  • Huge fonts with nvidia cards fixed
  • Much improved touchpad default configurations
  • Internet configurator widget is now static in the desktop so the users won’t miss it
  • Zsh shell by default, with a ton of amazing features included, we configured it to keep a maximum compatibility with the bash shell so that the users won’t see any difference, if you don’t know zsh think about it like a much more powerful bash shell, it includes a small demo help to have an idea of its powerful features
  • A lot of fixes in the internal elive tools
  • Improved autodetected configurations
  • Lots of small fixes and improvements in the installer
  • Skype audio works again by using alsa if you run it from the menus
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