Chromixum 1.5 32 bit ISO is Available for Download

Chromixium team announced release of Chromixium 1.5, the first major update of Ubuntu LTS based google chrome like operating system.

According to release announcement, chromixium OS has got following features over previous release, ie, chromixum 1.0.
  • Now using the standard Ubuntu (Ubiquity) installer with better language support, hardware detection and support for encrypted home and LVM (see note below).
  • Rolls up Service Pack 1 and all upstream updates (including latest Flash and Chromium updates) into a new ISO
  • Updated Xorg, but kernel remains on long term support 3.13
  • Faster right-click applications menu generation
  • Inclusion of Cardapio menu for a standard dockable menu (find it in the Control Panel and drag it to the dock)
  • File-roller replaces PeaZip for better integration with Files application
  • Lxinput is included for left-handed mouse adjustment
  • A load of key bindings have been integrated to better support hotkeys such as volume adjustment out of the box
  • A new simple GUI to enable autologin has been added
  • New HD wallpapers
  • Support for booting the ISO directly from a hard drive via Grub
  • The revised build process aligns much better with Ubuntu/Lubuntu base
  • Finally, a little command line tool called “chromixium-version” lets you know what version of Chromixium you are running!
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