ChaletOS 14.04.2 Review has published a review of ChaletOS 14.04.2, a Xubuntu 14.04.2 based GNU/Linux Distribution.

ChaletOS is a Xubuntu-derived distribution, with very little to no publicity surrounding it. Even its official domain, a humble, unassuming Google sites page, does not offer too much information. I came across ChaletOS while reading Gizmo's Freeware forums, and I was hooked by its rather stylish, colorful looks.

Since I really liked the last few incarnations of Xubuntu, I thought it could be a cool idea to try this little derivative. The motivation is similar to what Fuduntu did with Fedora; take a solid baseline and perfect it. Maybe. My test box will be the new G50 machine with its plethora of obstacles, including UEFI, Secure Boot, GPT, and such. Follow me. 

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