BackBox 4.3 : Beyond Peneteration Testing and Security Assesment

A review of recently released BackBox 4.3, argues that, BackBox 4.3 is a complete GNU/Linux distribution and it has more to do beyond Penetration testing and security assessment. Penetration testing and security assessments are major focus of BackBox Linux.

From review:
BackBox is a Linux distribution that’s based on Ubuntu and designed for conducting “penetration tests and security assessments”. If you’re not familiar with the distribution, this brief review will give you an idea what else it can be used for other than being an OS for pentesters. My introduction to BackBox was with BackBox 3, and that was back in October 2012, when I published BackBox Linux 3 review. Today’s review is of BackBox 4.3, the latest edition, which is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and ships with its own suite of security-focused applications. This puts it in the same niche as CAINE, Deft and Kali.
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