5 Tips for Running Android on VirtualBox

An article written by Gary Newell, a well know Linux Export, shares 5 important things to take care of while running Android operating system using VirtualBox. These tips will really help to improve user experience of Android running on VirtualBox.

If you want to use Android on your laptop or desktop computer then the best way is to use the Android x86 distribution. 

I also recommend using virtualisation software such as VirtualBox for running Android as it is in not ready to be used as the main operating system on your computer and Android isn't designed specifically for mainstream computing and unless you have a touchscreen some of the controls would become painful during the course of time.

If you have some games that you like to play on your phone or tablet and you want to have them available on your computer then using Android within VirtualBox is the best solution. You don't have to alter your disk partitions and it can be installed within Linux or Windows environments.

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