Voyager X 8 Released; Based on Debian 8 Jessy

Voyager linux developers announced release of Voyager X8, the latest stable release of Xubuntu/Debian based GNU/Linux distribution.

New release of Voyager, Voyager X8 is based on Debian 8.1 Hybrid jessie. This is supposed to be an experimental version built around recently released XFCE 4.12 and Linux Kernel 3.16. Since, XFCE 4.12 is not included in Debian 8, this release is marked as an experimental one. Meanwhile all other packages are from stable branch only. 

From release announcement:
For software one will find among others, Conky, Smtube, Kodi XBMC Media Center, Vlc, Word, Gimp, Clementine, CoverGloobus, RadioTray, Slingscold, Skippy-xd, Kazam, Transmission ... Was part Terminal with integrated Terminator coupled to Ranger , Moc Audio and options diagnostics and monitoring systems in real time. A visual system sources.list with terminator . Security Audit with an option Lynis, rkhunter for rootkits, antivirus with Clamav and a section Repair basic but useful for first aid in case of problems. A Tiling on droit.Vous panel can also count on Pulse Audio Equalizer, Cheese, Impulse, Screenlets, Déjà Dup-, BleachBit, Firewall Gfuw, Birdie, Icedove release (Thunderbird) debian version of Iceweasel (Firefox) debian, Pidgin , LibreOffice, Gthumb, Synapse, Tilda, and many other software, styles redesigned Voyager X8 with debian Themes Icons types, Firefox modules click away as Flash, Adblock Plus ... To end a flowering Walls Themes controlled with Box Walls Special Voyager as for Conkies . In addition, we are left with the whole system Debian Jessie minimum, standard software, updates the last Debian Stable Jessie 8.1 ... able to install on all computers, old, without resources or powerful, beginner or not because all is reformable and simple.
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Download Voyager X 8 EFI (64 Bit)

Download Voyager X 8 GRUB-PC (64 Bit)

Download Voyager X 8 (32 Bit)

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