VectorLinux 7.1 Final Released

Vector Linux team announced release of Vector Linux 7.1 Final. This is latest stable release of Slackware based GNU/Linux distribution upholding 3 main motives namely speed, performance and stability. 

From release announcement:
This release is the culmination of years of work to make our distro the standard which all others hope to achieve. We have successfully developed an easy to use installer that can be used in both gui and text mode depending on the hardware involved that requires very little user intervention to achieve a successful installation of the system. We have completely automated our internal package system so that all packages are constantly up to date and patched as necessary. The system is available both in 32 bit and 64 bit versions and features the latest linux 3.18.16 lts kernel. We use the latest Xfce as our gui desktop with Fluxbox as an alternate if the user is so inclined. The repo contains the bigger systems like KDE and thousands of other programs easily installed thru the tried and true gslapt/slaptget installer.

Download Vector Linux 7.1 Final (32 bit)

Download Vector Linux 7.1 Final (64 bit)

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