Upcoming Blender 2.75 Introduces a lot of Cool Features

Blender is a full featured open source modeling software. Upcoming release of Blender, Blender 2.75 introduces a lot of cool features.

An article written by Jason Vam Gumster, published in http://opensource.com lists a few new features to be expected in upcoming Blender 2.75 release.
The release of Blender 2.75 is right around the corner. Granted, with a two[-ish]-month release cycle, that always seems to be the case. Of course, this particular release cycle has happened squarely in the middle of the Blender Institute's production of Cosmos Laundromat, also known as the Gooseberry Open Movie Project. A lot of the goodies from that project are still in heavy development (and use) in a separate branch; however, there have been a boatload of cool and interesting features—in addition to critical bug fixes—that have found their way into the master branch. Let's have a gander at some of the big ones.
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