Tor Browser 4.5.2 Released

Tor Project announced release of Tor Browser 4.5.2, the second maintenance release of Tor Browser 4.5 series. Tor Browser allows people to surf internet anonymously and securely.
According to news article published in softpedia:
According to the release notes, Tor Browser 4.5.2 is here to fix a Logjam attack, and updates the Tor (The Onion Router) anonymity network software to version, the OpenSSL library to version 1.0.1n, the HTTPS-Everywhere and NoScript add-ons to version 5.0.5 and respectively, and brings Torbutton to version

"Tor Browser 4.5.2 provides a fix for the Logjam attack ( and updates a number of Tor Browser components," says Mike Perry. "Moreover, it fixes a possible crash on Linux and avoids breaking the Add-ons page if Torbutton is disabled."

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