Tips to Improve GNOME 3 Performance

Gnome 3, is one of the most widely used desktop environment in GNU/Linux operating system. It is well known for it's usability, and visual appearance. Here is an article written by Gowtham, published in tectint magazine that lists some tips/tweaks to improve performance of GNOME 3 in computers with comparatively less hardware resources.

Gnome 3 desktop environment was a big leap from the classic Gnome 2 DE. A lot of people were outraged and expressed the same kind of hate they loathed for Unity. Although a lot of people who did not like Gnome 3 or Unity migrated to Linux Mint, there are still a lot of people who still love modern Linux DEs like Gnome Shell and Unity. There are 2 things that make Gnome Shell better than Ubuntu’s Unity. While Unity has no much customization options and tweaking, one can do a lot with hundreds of Gnome Extensions and Gnome 3 definitely uses less resources compared to Ubuntu’s Unity. The following are some of the tips to speed up Gnome 3.

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