Porteus KIOSK 3.0 Has been Released

Porteus KIOSK developers announced release of Porteus KIOSK 3.0, the latest stable release of specialized GNU/Linux distribution targeting embedded systems like ATM terminals.

New release of Porteus KIOSK is result of 3 months of continuous development effort. According to official release announcement, following are major highlights in Poretus 3.4.0.
  • Added initial support for Google Chrome as an alternative browser to Mozilla Firefox. Please mind that supported features vary between the browsers.
  • Updated UEFI component to support PCs equipped with 32bit EFI firmware.
  • Kiosk Wizard offers a possibility of loading and saving the kiosk config on removable devices.
  • Kiosk ISO can be saved on removable device rather than uploaded to the online storage in case when generated ISO is meant to run on a different PC.
  • System will discover and scale smaller screen automatically in case when second monitor is connected and there is a mismatch in resolution between internal/external video outputs.
  • Optical media formatted with ISO9660 and UDF filesystems are automounted when 'removable devices' support is enabled.
  • Allowed powering off the PC by pressing the power button if 'shutdown menu' feature is not enabled in the wizard. If user has a physical access to the PC case then can force kiosk shutdown by holding the button for 5 secs. Its better to power off the machine gently.
  • Disabled 'search for text when i start typing' in Firefox preferences so kiosk can work with bar code scanners out of the box.
  • Switched to 'ripples' screensaver which looks nicer and does not leave any distortions on the screen when running for longer periods.
  • Custom resolution is set on all active displays and not just the first one.
  • Many other bugfixes and improvements.
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