PatternFly : Going Beyond Bootstrap API

Bootstrap is a popular Open Source, HTML, CSS, Javascript framework for developing responsive and mobile first projects on web. PatternFly, an API built over bootstrap help you to get more control and consistency over user interface(UI) of applications being developed.

In an interview, Red Hat representative Jason Hibbets, talks about benefits of using PatternFly for developing user interface of web application.
Design and user experience (UX) can often be an afterthought for open source projects. But that’s changing. PatternFly is a project helping to bridge the gap between developers and designers.

PatternFly is an open source project that promotes design commonality and improved user experience. It’s a place where open source developers and designers can collaborate, create, and share user interface (UI) components and widgets. PatternFly is based on Bootstrap, a mobile-first front-end framework for creating web sites and applications.

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