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Mageia 5 Released with UEFI Support
06/20/2015 01:49 PM

Mageia team announced release of Mageia 5, the latest stable release of free and open source GNU/Linux distribution, initially forked from Mandriva Linux. Mageia 5 is result of one year of continuous development effort. The development team believes that Mageia 5 is the best release so far as it brings a lot of impressive features and remove a number of bugs. Following are major new

Ubuntu MATE Introduces a new Welcome Screen
06/19/2015 10:27 PM

Ubuntu MATE project leader, Martin Wimpress tweeted a preview screenshot of upcoming Welcome Screen in Ubuntu MATE 15.10. According to news article published in softpedia: The screenshot of the Ubuntu MATE Welcome screen has been posted earlier on the official Twitter account of the Ubuntu MATE project with the following line of text: "It is not finished yet, but the new Ubuntu MATE

Introduction to Linux File System
06/19/2015 10:18 PM

A File System is one of the core component of any operating system. Being a widely used Kernel/Operating System, Linux has a well define File System Structure. An article written by Avishek Kumar, published in tecmint magazine introduces basic concepts of Linux File System, like partition table, BIOS vs UEFI, Types of Linux File System, Disk Partitioning, Logical Volume Management and

PatternFly : Going Beyond Bootstrap API
06/19/2015 10:12 PM

Bootstrap is a popular Open Source, HTML, CSS, Javascript framework for developing responsive and mobile first projects on web. PatternFly, an API built over bootstrap help you to get more control and consistency over user interface(UI) of applications being developed. In an interview, Red Hat representative Jason Hibbets, talks about benefits of using PatternFly for developing user

Linux Foundation Launches Node.js Foundation
06/18/2015 10:32 PM

Node.js is an open source code base built over Chrome's JavaScript runtime for developing fast and scalable network applications. Linux Foundation recently launched Node.js Foundation to make Node.js development activities more organized. Node.js Foundation is powered mainly by Linux Foundation and it is also backed by IBM, Joyent and io.js According to a news article published in eweek

6 Tips To Make Coding Interesting for Kids
06/18/2015 10:24 PM

Coding is a hobby for some people and they enjoy it too much. On the other hand it is the most hateful task for some else. Have you ever thought of presenting Coding as an interesting topic especially for kids? An article written by  Al Sweigar, published in lists some tips for presenting Coding as an interesting task for Kids. According to author, these tips are

Elementary OS Files 0.2.1 Released
06/18/2015 10:08 PM

Elementary OS team announced release of an updated version of Elementary OS Files with version number 0.2.1. New Files app fix more than 20 issues reported with previous release. According to announcement made by elementary team in official blog: This is a sizable release that fixes 20 reported issues and adds a number of new translations. Some of the fixes are small UI tweaks like

Upcoming Blender 2.75 Introduces a lot of Cool Features
06/18/2015 09:58 PM

Blender is a full featured open source modeling software. Upcoming release of Blender, Blender 2.75 introduces a lot of cool features. An article written by Jason Vam Gumster, published in lists a few new features to be expected in upcoming Blender 2.75 release. The release of Blender 2.75 is right around the corner. Granted, with a two[-ish]-month release cycle

Linux Mint 17.2 'Rafaela' MATE and Cinnamon Release Candidates Released
06/17/2015 08:47 PM

Linux Mint developers announced immediate availability of Linux Mint 17.2 released candidates with code name 'Rafaela'. Similar to few previous releases, this release also based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and thus will provide support till 2019. Additional Information: Linux Mint 17.2 MATE RC Release Announcement Linux Mint 17.2 MATE RC- What is new Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon RC Release Announcement

Future of Linux without Linux Torvalds
06/17/2015 08:38 PM

The Linux Kernel project, one of the largest open source project in world, was initially started by Linus Torvalds as a time pass. Then people across the globe started contributing to Linux Kernel. And thus it has grown into a large project as we today. Even today, Linux Torvalds is responsible for making final decisions on Linux Project. An article written by Ashlee Vance, published in

Tor Browser 4.5.2 Released
06/17/2015 08:28 PM

Tor Project announced release of Tor Browser 4.5.2, the second maintenance release of Tor Browser 4.5 series. Tor Browser allows people to surf internet anonymously and securely. According to news article published in softpedia: According to the release notes, Tor Browser 4.5.2 is here to fix a Logjam attack, and updates the Tor (The Onion Router) anonymity network software to version

Installing Deepin Terminal in Ubuntu
06/17/2015 08:22 PM

Deepin is a full featured, elegant GNU/Linux distribution from China. Built on the top Ubuntu/Debian, Deepin has made a lot great software tools like deepin software center, deepin media player, deepin control panel, deepin terminal ..etc An article written by Attila Orosz, published in lists steps to be followed for installing Deepin Terminal, a python based terminal

Mounting Google Drive in GNU/Linux Using OCamlfuse Client
06/16/2015 11:38 PM

Cloud storage service is getting more and more an importance now a days. Being the largest internet giant of world, google's online storage service Google Drive is most popular online storage service available for free. An article written by Avishek Kumar, published in tecmint magazine explains about configuring OCamlfuse Client in GNU/Linux systems for mounting google drive as a local

Fedora 22 KDE Spin Review
06/16/2015 11:19 PM

A review of recently released Fedora 22 KDE spin, published in dedoimedo criticizes that after a few stable releases, Fedora has again become unusable as it was years ago. From review: The new Fedora is like the Spaghetti western arch-hero. It has no name. Well, Twenty-Two. To make things even more complicated, the new release no longer brands itself the old, classic

17 Open Source Image Viewer Alternatives for GNU/Linux
06/16/2015 11:08 PM

Are you happy with default image viewer software installed in your system? Do you think that you need to have some more features, or you need a simple image viewer in your system? Open Source is all about opportunities. So it is not difficult to find an image viewer that match with your requirements. An article published in fedoramagazine lists 17 open source Image Viewer software that

Dell Offers Limited time discount for Ubuntu-Powered Inspiron 14 3000 Series
06/15/2015 08:23 PM

Dell announced it's to decision to offer a limited time discount for it's recently announced Ubuntu Powered Laptop of 14 3000. Dell made this announcement through their official twitter account. According to a news published in softpedia: Dell is making sure that everyone knows that they are selling Ubuntu-powered laptops, and the company is now promoting them on Twitter, with a

Manjaro 0.8.13 Released
06/14/2015 11:49 PM

Manjaro developers announced release of Manjaro 0.8.13, the latest stable release of Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution offering simplicity and usability. Manjaro 0.8.13 is result of long 4 months of development effort. This release of Manjaro comes mainly in XFCE and KDE flavors. Manjaro 0.8.13 includes a well tweaked variation of XFCE 4.12. Following are major changes made

Chromixium - A GNU/Linux Distribution Resembling Chrome OS
06/14/2015 11:44 AM

Google's Chrome OS is well known from it's simplicity and web integration. Have you ever thought of bringing same concept to GNU/Linux? There exist at least a few GNU/Linux distributions like Peppermint, Elementary OS, and finally Chromixium.  A review written by @jlwallen, published in techrepublic magazine explores pros and cons of Chromixium OS. I already know what you're asking..

Voyager X 8 Released; Based on Debian 8 Jessy
06/14/2015 11:29 AM

Voyager linux developers announced release of Voyager X8, the latest stable release of Xubuntu/Debian based GNU/Linux distribution. New release of Voyager, Voyager X8 is based on Debian 8.1 Hybrid jessie. This is supposed to be an experimental version built around recently released XFCE 4.12 and Linux Kernel 3.16. Since, XFCE 4.12 is not included in Debian 8, this release is marked as an

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