Open Source Technology Strengthens Education System

Growing technology has influenced our education system a lot. It has changed the method of delivering lectures, sharing information, giving assignments ..etc over the years. And this process will continue as long as technology continues growing.

An article published in examines influence of ever growing technologies in education system, by considering technological innovation in general and open source technology in particular.
suspect that many of your days in high school looked something like this: An adult teacher stands in the front of a square room, lecturing or drawing, with a flood of facts, figures, and dates flowing into a well organized grid of neatly arranged desks. As the teacher lectures, students apathetically scrawled notes, which will be regurgitated onto a future exam. Every one of the students is expected to master the same information, regardless as to their individual ability, personal strengths, interests or aptitudes. Rinse, repeat, until the day of high school commencement, when the cycle ends and one's post-school life commenced.

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