Manjaro Cinnamon 0.8.13 Released

Manjaro team announced release of Manjaro Cinnamon Edition 0.8.13, the latest stable release of Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution. Manjaro Cinnamon comes with Cinnamon 2.6, which is the latest stable release of Cinnamon so far. 

Following are major features and enhancements introduced in Manjaro Cinnamon 0.8.13 release.
  • Cinnamon 2.6 is introduced, which is the latest stable release of Cinnamon so far.
  • On supported hardware Cinnamon now uses a newer “cogl” API. This change is known to prevent some of the causes of desktop freezing issues observed in previous releases.
  • logind/consolekit-upower support
    • systemd-logind support also consolekit (possibly openrc).
  • Improved response time, reduced CPU usage and loading time.
  • Multi-monitor and multi-panel support
  • Xscreensaver as optional depency also packed in iso.
  • Panels can now be added/removed/configured individually and moved to different positions across one or multiple monitors.
  • With new inhibit applet you can use presentation mode
  • Redesigned system settings.
  • Nemo features a brand new plugin manager.
  • Efforts were made to improve ATK/Orca support in visual Cinnamon components.
For detailed description of new features introduced, visit official release announcement.

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