linux_logo : A wonderful Utility for Printing ANSI Logos of GNU/Linux Distribution

You might have seen several logos throughout your life. Most of the GNU/Linux distributions have well known logos. Sometimes you may have seen logos made of ASCII characters. Have you ever thought that making ANSI logos can be super easy? Yes, It can be. There is a command line utility named linux_logo that help us to create colorful ANSI logos for different GNU/Linux distributions.

An article written by Avishek Kumar, published in tecmint magazine, explains almost everything about linux_logo utility, including installation and usage.
linuxlogo or linux_logo is a Linux command line utility that generates a color ANSI picture of Distribution logo with a few system information. 

This utility obtains System Information from /proc Filesystem. linuxlogo is capable of showing color ANSI image of various logos other than the host distribution logo.

The System information associated with logo includes – Linux Kernel Version, Time when Kernel was last Compiled, Number/core of processor, Speed, Manufacturer and processor Generation. It also show information about total physical RAM.

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