Linux Voice Issue 7 is now Avaialable for Free Download

Linux Voice is an independently published GNU/Linux and Free/Open Source Software magazine. Linux Voice is different from other Linux magazines in following ways.
  • It contributes 50% of profits to Free Software community, developers and events
  • Magazine content is freely made available after 9 months.
  • Magazine specifically target Linux enthusiasts. It's main motive is not to satisfy commercial interest of share holders or middle managers.
As mentioned above, Linux Voice 7 is now 9 months old and is now available for free download under creative commons license. That means you can share and modify contents from magazine and can even use for commercial purpose, provided that you provide the credit to Linux Voice.

Following are major topics discussed in Linux Voice Issue 7.
  • Finding the Perfect Distor
  • Overclocking Raspberry Pi
  • Analyzing big data with Python
  • Reverse engineering device drivers.
For more details visit Linux Voice official website.

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