Linux Mint 17.1 : Simplicity at the Best - Review

Linux Mint 17.1 is an Ubuntu 14.04.x based GNU/Linux distribution featuring Mate and Cinnamon Desktop environment. A review of Linux Mint 17.1 written by Jack Wallen published in says that Linux Mint 17.1 is simpler than any previous releases.

Linux Mint is a special kind of Linux distribution—one that has gone a very long way to hold true to the form, function, and spirit that has guided Linux for a very long time. While other distributions march into the shiny, touch-friendly world that is the future, Mint remains grounded in what has worked for decades. With just the slightest of tweaks, Mint has gone boldly into that good night while keeping a foot deeply planted in the familiar.

With it’s latest release, 17.1 “Rebecca”, Linux Mint retains all of that which is familiar and beloved by its long time followers and adds enough polish to help attract new users.
It is those new users I would like to address. Why would you want to choose 

Linux Mint out of the hundreds of Linux distributions? When other distributions (such as Ubuntu, Elementary OS Freya, and Fedora) have adopted more modern takes on the user interface, why would you want to opt for a desktop operating system firmly entrenched in the past?

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