Linux 4.2 may be the biggest Linux Release So far : Linus Torvalds

The founding leader of Linux Kernel Development team, Linus Torvalds, thinks that Linux 4.2 may the biggest linux release so far, in terms of number of commits. Linus Torvalds shared this fact in his google plus status. Later he updated his status to say that, he won't be able to beat Linux 4.1 today.

According to google plus status of Linus Torvalds:
"Not even halfway through the merge window, but I suspect that by the end of day today I will have merged more commits for 4.2 than we had during all of the 4.1 release.

4.0 was pretty small (by our modern standards, which is to say it was still a lot of changes), 4.1 was about average, and it looks like 4.2 may end up being the biggest release (in number of commits, at least) we've ever had.

So much for the summer slowdown (and no, it's not the Aussies and other southern hemisphere people picking up the slack).

[ Update: I don't think I'll beat the 4.1 numbers today. Partly because Greg's pull requests were smaller than I expected, but partly because I'm slowing down my merges because I think I just hit a jbd2 bug introduced in this merge window ]"

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