Kubuntu 15.10 May be the Last Releaes as Official Ubuntu Flavor

Last day, Kubuntu team announced availability of first Alpha release of Kubuntu 15.10. It appears that the release announcement itself was including the worries and concerns of Kubuntu developers.

Softpedia observes that, Kubuntu 15.10 may be the last release of KDE  powered GNU/Linux distribution as an official flavor of Ubuntu as there are a lot of conflicts going on behind the veil.
The first Alpha for Kubuntu 15.10 was made available yesterday, but the announcement itself was overshadowed by a worrying statement from the developers. It looks like the future of Kubuntu, in the greater Ubuntu family, is uncertain.

Some of you might know that there is some friction between the Ubuntu and Kubuntu teams, including their respective councils. Just yesterday, Jonathan Riddell, long time developer of Kubuntu and a member of the Kubuntu Council has stepped down. From the looks of it, he remains a Kubuntu developer, but it's possible to see the project break away from Ubuntu. With the exception of a single comment made in the release announcement for Kubuntu 15.10 Alpha 1, nothing is known about their plans.

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