KaOS ISO 2015.06 ISO is Available Now

KaOS developers announced release of KaOS 2015.06 ISO, the latest stable shipment of KaOS. KaOS is a US based, independently evolved rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring KDE as default desktop environment.

KaOS shares an ISO with each major upate, so that people those who migrate into KaOS from other operating systems won't face any issue. At the same time, existing users can upgrade their system into the latest one using pacman -Syu command.

Current release of KaOS is a result of development activities done in last two months. Major changes introduced in this update includes Boost/ICU stack, Gnutils/Netter stack, a new Glibc 2.21 & Binutils 2.25 based toolchain, a move to Libpng 1.6 series, Linux 4 (4.0.5) and Systemd 220.

Following are some other changes made in KaOS 2015.06 ISO
  • Introduced systemd as default bootloader that provides systemd-boot for UEFI installs. Gummitboot is deprecated now
  • Kernel upgraded to Linux 4.0.5
  • Automated EFI support for partitioning and boot loader
  • Switch from Gummibot to Systemd-boot for UEFI systems
  • More robust partition detection and mounting/unmounting
  • Swap partition support in automatic partitioning
  • An improved Python modules API
  • User experience improvements, including all new Welcome and Summary pages
  • A greatly improved branding mechanism, with QML and translations support

Download KaOS ISO 2015.06 

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