How to Start Your Linux Career

Linux or more specifically GNU/Linux is one of the most widely used platform across the globe. A Linux career is a big dream of many programmers . Some prefer to have a linux career for earning good amount of money. For some it is passion. An article written by Mike, published in funwithlinux lists 10 steps to brighten your future in the world of Linux.

I cannot lie: learning Linux took a lot of time.  I spent approximately 3 years as a daily linux user before landing my first full-time Linux-based position.  However, my time was not as well spent as it could have been.  Knowing then what I know now (and what I’m attempting to share with you), I could have been in a Linux position within 6 months.

Like many, my first experiences with Linux were of my own curiosity.  I was a Microsoft Windows Vista user at the time, and overall, very happy with the experience.  I had previously tried Ubuntu with marginal success; drivers in those days were much less readily available for hardware as they are today.  One of my work friends turned me onto Ultimate Edition, an Ubuntu based distro, which was essentially a DVD jam packed with some of the better software and all of the non-free drivers my system needed out of the box.  I was dazzled by the desktop effects that I was able to use, and I quickly found the platform suitable for web development.
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