How to Get Your Open Source Project Noticed

There are several open source projects developed by thousands of developers across the world. To make an open source project popular, to make it get noticed, some efforts should be taken. An article written by Michael Boelen, published in blackducksoftware lists some tips for making your open source project popular.

Nowadays it is easy to start an open source project. People over the world start new projects daily, as can be seen on the popular site GitHub. Unfortunately, many of these projects simply don’t get traction and end up as inactive ideas on the web.

Traction in software project is similar to speeding up a car. If you give too much gas, you might end at undesired places, too little and it takes too long to reach your destiny. The right amount of traction for your project helps you achieve your goals, provide value to your users and build a great community.
Several reasons why most projects don’t get the right amount of traction, includes inadequate promotion, lack of continuous development, or low quality. In all cases, the result is people won’t recommend it to others and the project slowly collects dust.
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