How Respberry Pi can help teens to get involved in Open Source

Raspberry Pi is a cheap, small computer like system that can be embedded with a computer monitor or TV, and can be used with standard keyboard and mouse. This small device enables people to explore computing and to learn coding in languages like Scratch and Python. A Raspberry Pi can do almost everything a desktop computer do.

An article written by Anderson Silva of Red Hat, explains how Raspberry Pi can help teens to get involved in Open Source activities.
At the end of last month, I had the unique opportunity to participate with a few of my work colleagues on the US2020 RTP STEM EXPO. About 500 students from North Carolina interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) showed up to the event. My colleagues and I gathered around a couple of tables and chatted with students, teachers, administrators, and parents about open source, open hardware, and programming.

One table had 6 laptops running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Firefox setup as kiosks for the kids to do some programming with Scratch. They were given a challenge, and if they could write the code to do it they would get a prize.
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