Future of Linux without Linux Torvalds

The Linux Kernel project, one of the largest open source project in world, was initially started by Linus Torvalds as a time pass. Then people across the globe started contributing to Linux Kernel. And thus it has grown into a large project as we today. Even today, Linux Torvalds is responsible for making final decisions on Linux Project.

An article written by Ashlee Vance, published in bloomberg.com looks into future of Linux Kernel, without Linux Torvalds.
The conversation, combined with Linus Torvalds’s aggression behind the wheel, makes this sunny afternoon drive suddenly feel all too serious. Torvalds—the grand ruler of all geeks—does not drive like a geek. He plasters his foot to the pedal of a yellow Mercedes convertible with its “DAD OF 3” license plate as we rip around a corner on a Portland, Ore., freeway. My body smears across the passenger door. “There is no concrete plan of action if I die,” Torvalds yells to me over the wind and the traffic. “But that would have been a bigger deal 10 or 15 years ago. People would have panicked. Now I think they’d work everything out in a couple of months.”

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