Fedora 22 : A good choice of OS for Cloud

An article published in softpedia linux section, claims that Fedora is a good choice of operating system for running on cloud platform.

Fedora Project announced the release of the highly anticipated Fedora 22 Linux operating system on May 26, 2015, an improved version that brings a significant number of new features, but also quite a few under-the-hood improvements.

As you may know, Fedora 22 is distributed in multiple editions called Spins, including Fedora 22 Server, Fedora 22 Cloud, Fedora 22 Workstation (GNOME), Fedora 22 KDE, Fedora 22 Xfce, Fedora 22 LXDE, and Fedora 22 MATE/Compiz.

The Cloud Edition of Fedora 22 is not as mediatized as one might expect, so we thought it would be a good idea to write an article for those of you who want to learn about the new features that were implemented in this release.

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