DirectX 11 is Coming to Linux, A good news for Linux Gamers

DirectX 11 support is coming to Linux and it will allow wine to support more windows games to run in Linux. DirectX 9 is already available for Linux. But it is not sufficient enough to support newer games. So availability of DirectX 11 will make more windows games to run in Linux.
According to a news article published in pcworld magazine
The chains are loosening. DirectX still binds many PC games to Windows. Now, CodeWeavers expects CrossOver to support DirectX 11 by the end of the year, with Wine gaining compatibility shortly afterwards.

In other words, more Windows PC games will “just run” on Linux, and it’ll be easier for developers to package those games with compatibility code and officially support them on Linux.

Wine already supports DirectX 9 very well, but many new games no longer support DirectX 9 and rely on newer versions of Microsoft’s graphics technology. Wine is an open-source compatibility layer that allows Windows applications to run on top of Linux, Mac OS X, and other non-Windows operating systems.
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