Apple's Decision to Open Source Swift Receives Good Response

Apple, one of the leading organization in IT industry, announced it's decision to open source Swift. Swift is a nascent computer programming language introduced by apple last year. Apple's decision to open source Swift has got a good response from open source developers across the globe.

According to news published in bloomberg
For the second straight year, Apple drew a huge round of applause at its Worldwide Developers Conference for news related to its nascent computer programming language. Swift was introduced at last year’s conference and enjoyed unprecedented success, mostly because people want to write apps for iPhones. On Monday the company said it would make Swift open-source by the end of the year. This could pave the way for the language to reach far beyond Apple’s walled garden.

“We think Swift is going to be the next big programming language,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president for software engineering.
This could mean developers will be able to use Swift on non-Apple devices to write programs that run on platforms that compete with Apple’s own products.
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