Android is getting replaced by Ubuntu in Meizu MX4 Mobiles

Ubuntu, the world's most widely used open source operating system has got another mobile platform to show it's power. Meizu MX4 devices are now available with Ubuntu as default operating system. The Ubuntu-equipped MX4 is physically identical to the Android-based MX4 Meizu released late last year. 

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If you haven't heard of Ubuntu, I can't blame you. It's a version of the open-source software Linux that has been around for years on PCs, but it's making a bid for mainstream success on mobile phones, going up against the goliaths of Android and iOS. Ubuntu has found its way onto a new host, in the form of the Meizu MX4 -- a phone we've seen already in China running Android.

Ubuntu both looks and operates in a very different way to Android. Home screens are known as "scopes" which you can fill up with shortcuts to Web pages, HTML5-based Web apps, native apps and live-information. You can theme these scopes too -- a football scope, for example, could show you the latest Premier League scores and video highlights. Navigation is largely done with a series of gestures, taking you to contacts, notifications, apps or a multitasking carousel.

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