An Overview of Deepin 2014.3 - Review

deepin is a beautiful GNU/Linux distribution from China. According to distrowatch ranking, it is most widely used GNU/Linux distribution in China. Deepin stands over other GNU/Linux distributions because of it's visually appealing, unique desktop environment and other software tools like deepin movie player, deepin software center ..etc

Here is a review of recently released deepin 2014.3, written by Attila Orotz, published in maketecheasier magazine
Deepin, the Chinese Linux distribution, has previously been covered on MTE. In the two years that passed, Deepin has evolved both visually and in functionality, beyond expectations.

Deepin 2014 has a brand new “homemade” desktop environment, called Deepin Desktop environment (or DDE), custom applications and a new approach towards how we use our desktops.

While the previously covered version (11.12) used a heavily-modded Gnome 3.2 desktop, Deepin now has its own custom DE, based on a mix GTK2/3, Compiz and HTML5, making it quite outstanding and unique among all Linux DEs.

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