6 Tips To Make Coding Interesting for Kids

Coding is a hobby for some people and they enjoy it too much. On the other hand it is the most hateful task for some else. Have you ever thought of presenting Coding as an interesting topic especially for kids?

An article written by  Al Sweigar, published in http://opensource.com lists some tips for presenting Coding as an interesting task for Kids. According to author, these tips are effective for teaching Coding.
Programming is a creative activity that any kid can engage in. Your child might not care about writing data processing algorithms, but they might enjoy creating games, programming music, designing websites, or just playing around with code.

I've written several books to teach beginners of all ages how to code, and I know from experience that you don't need to consider yourself a techie or "good at math" to learn. In fact, kids often can learn to program faster than adults precisely because they don't know how "difficult" coding is supposed to be.
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