17 Open Source Image Viewer Alternatives for GNU/Linux

Are you happy with default image viewer software installed in your system? Do you think that you need to have some more features, or you need a simple image viewer in your system? Open Source is all about opportunities. So it is not difficult to find an image viewer that match with your requirements.

An article published in fedoramagazine lists 17 open source Image Viewer software that can be installed in your GNU/Linux distribution in general and in Fedora specifically.
Is the default image viewer in your desktop environment just not working the way you want? need more features (or maybe something simpler) from an image viewer? Well, you are in luck, as there is no shortage of choices when looking at alternative image viewers in Fedora. This article covers 17 image viewers in Fedora.

Typically, an image viewer does one thing — shows you the images in a directory (sometimes in a thumbnail view), and lets you quickly flip through them. Some image viewers also allow you do simple edits of an image, and will also show you some added details of your pictures (like metadata, and color histograms).

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