15 Tips To Improve MySQL/MariaDB Performance

Database performance is a crucial thing that affect performance of any web application. If Database performance is poor, it will badly affect performance of web application and will provide reduced user experience.

An article written by Marin Todorov, published in tecmint magazine lists some tips for improving performance of MySQL and MariaDB databases.
MySQL is a powerful open source Relational Database Management System or in short RDBMS. It was released back in 1995 (20 years old). It uses Structured Query Language which is probably the most popular choice for managing content within a database. The latest MySQL version is 5.6.25 and was released on 29 May 2015.

An interesting fact about MySQL is the fact that the name comes from Michael Widenius’s (MySQL’s creator) daughter My. Even though there are plenty of interesting facts about MySQL, this article is meant to show you some useful practices to help you manage your MySQL server.

In April 2009 the MySQL project was bought by Oracle. As a result a MySQL community fork called MariaDB was created. The main reason for creating the fork was to keep the project free under the General Public License.

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