10 Popular GNU/Linux distributions and their Target Users 2015

An article written by Avishek Kumar, published in tecmint lists 10 Popular GNU/Linux of 2015, along with their targeted users.

Do you know from where does the power of Linux comes from? Well Linux is getting richer everyday with the presence of so much distros and every distro possessing a large group of users and developers working voluntarily on the project. Linux distributions come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re aimed at addressing every conceivable need. This article aims at briefing why a certain distro exist, who are the targeted user of the distro, and what special features it has as compared to its’ counterpart.
  1. Debian
  2. Gentoo
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Damn Vulnerable Linux(DVL)
  5. Redhat Enterprise Linux
  6. Fedora
  7. CentOS
  8. Kali Linux
  9. Arch Linux
  10. OpenSUSE

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